Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Weekend Menu

From the brass-blasting, worship at our church to the aquatic egg hunt in our pool, Easter weekend will be a memorable celebration. Besides these joyous activities, there's always the question: "What will we eat?" Here's the menu that I prepared a couple of years ago when we hosted my in-laws.


Easter Peeps S'mores'mores-With-Peeps

Fruits of the Spirit

Saturday Breakfast

Egg in a Basket of hash browns

Saturday Lunch

Downtown Dining
Roanoke City Market

Saturday Dinner

Homemade Pasta
Easter Basket Cupcakes and mini pies from

and/or (depending how much energy we've got left)

Sunday Breakfast
Bagels and assortment of pastries

Sunday Lunch
Buffet at HHCC

Welcome to our Home at Easter